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    Инспектор Льюис и сержант Хэттуэй Инспектор Льюис и сержант Хэттуэй

    Title: Insolent Fellow

    Author: Jean–Paul

    Translator: El Aurence

    Fandom: Inspector Morse/Lewis

    Paring: Morse/Lewis, Lewis/Hathaway

    Category: drabble

    Rating: G

    Disclaimer: Personages are belong to Colin Dexter and scriptwriters. But madness is mine.

    – Kids… They are grown up.

    – About time to start a relationship with someone. Your wife would be happy for you.

    – Ha, you say the exact same thing I said to my governor once.

    – The only difference is that I’m alive.

    – You’re so rude, Jim.

    – Yes. I just say what I think.

    – And what do you think?

    – I think you’re killing yourself because of someone who’s already dead. She would be happy if you don’t corner yourself.

    – What do you know? I can’t after all these years…

    – Betray her? At least your children wouldn’t worry about you. Just don’t go for some unsuitable woman.

    – No, Jim. I’m not ready yet.

    – Well, when you’re ready… You know where you can find me.


    Lewis looked tensely at the back of his sergeant as he walked away. “Anyone but my officer,” Morse said kissing him in their first night. “God knows, I never wanted you to be my officer”. Now the story repeats and his own sergeant makes unveiled, pretty plain offer. Which he should decline. He should. He ought to. And Val has nothing to do with it.


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